OpenBSD developer 1995-2012, 2017-Present.



Qualcomm, March 2016 - Present.
SOC Validation for for premium tier products starting with Snapdragon 835. Functional and performance validation primarily of the ARM SMP core, testing a new chip in pre and post silicon with less than 1 year between chip releases.

Arxan Technologies LLC, August 2014 - June 2015.
Team member on project that developed a cell phone application protection environment. Developed features and feature testing for the project as well as learning Android and iOS development environments.

Conformal Systems/Core Axiom Jan 2010 - August 2014.
Architect and Lead Programmer on Cyphertite, and the backend server infrastructure for cyphertite.

ASTC ( Feb 2008 - Jan 2010.
System Level simulation, primarily ARM embedded systems. CPU emulator integration and SOC peripheral emulation.

Motorola: October 2003 - Aug 2007.
System simulation and occasionally work on BSD Operating systems.

University of Pennsylviania, Distributed System Lab Sep 2001 - Nov 2003.
Enhanced OpenBSD and developed W^X under the POSSE Research Grant.

Motorola: June 1993 - Sept 2001.
System modeling and core development, Arm710 CPU model developed.
AIX device driver development for Fault Tolerant system.
Compiler tools (assembler, linker, compiler frontend) and and system benchmarking.

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